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What’s a BEP TM?

BEP is the sound of your logo, built from emotions.

As a sound ID, you must use it consistently,
just like big brands such as Netflix, Intel or AT&T.

It’s built from scratch using the emotional data of your audience using
Artificial Intelligence with facial recognition.

A contemporary brand

BEP is the sound of your brand, useful to present it in all current audiovisual and audio ecosystems.

Logo BEP

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How is my BEP created? 

We understand who you are

We’ll understand how you’d like to use your BEP, the values of your personal brand, as well as everything that will help us get to know you better to develop your BEP.

We measure the emotion of your audience

A customized study is created alongside your brand, we’ll then send it to the audience of your choice and we’ll analize their feelings using AI and emotional recognition.

Creation of your BEP

The personalized study will reflect the emotions and sounds that your brand should convey, and our profesional team will create the sound that identifies you and unites you with your followers.

Make yourself heard. Always.

Use your BEP consistenly across all platforms and generate more engagement with your audience.

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Seeking to thrill your audience
Who’d be better to guide us?

Artificial Intelligence

To create your BEP, we use Alyze’s AI-based facial emotion recognition technology.

redes sociales sonoras bep

As a content generator, your audio brand will be present at every point of contact with your audience.

Cipri Quintas

Meet our first BEP PER and get to know all about the marketing campaign that allowed him to create his BEP.

The audience you want to reach

A network of real people, classified with more than 600 attributes that will give emotional feedback throughout all the creative process where your digital community doesn’t reach.


A BEPPER is someone convinced of the importance of connecting with each person who emotionally interacts with their brand. 

A BEPPER is an enthusiast of their personal brand.

Logo BEP

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